In an article entitled Blame Canada, Tech Central Station's Jay Currie has noticed that Canadians aren't forced to suffer the same indignities at the hands of the RIAA's rabid beagle department as their Yankee counterparts, a fact apparently lost on the self-defeating ethnocentric thinkers at the big labels. Currie predicts that if the RIAA puts the screws down too hard on American sharing, major P2P nodes may simply migrate north. From the article:
RIAA spokesperson Amanda Collins seemed unaware of the situation in Canada. "Our goal is deterrence. We are focused on...filing lawsuits against individuals making files available in the US." Which will be a colossal waste of time because in Canada it is expressly legal to share music. If the RIAA were to somehow succeed in shutting down every "supernode" in America all this would do is transfer the traffic to the millions of file sharers in Canada. And, as 50% of Canadians on the net have broadband (as compared to 20% of Americans) Canadian file sharers are likely to be able to meet the demand.

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