Down on Brown

Seattle student Ian Spiers recounts a series of encounters with various arms of the law while attempting to photograph a landmark bridge in a lucid and chilling tale of a brush with racial profilling in the United States entitled Humiliated, Angry, Ashamed, Brown (link tiefed from this post from Hulver's Site). Colour me some sort of simpering, bleeding heart idealist if you will, but don't these sorts of authoritarian shannanigans somewhat undermine some of those grand personal freedoms the yanks are always bleating on about? Begun, the clone war has.


Michael McHenry said...

That's not funny, Brown.

I have to live in this place with these people! You haven't seen all the lie-concealing yellow ribbons on all 51% of the cars.

Ok, if I imagine myself as a Canadian Starwars fan, I actually laugh my ass off at this.

As for me - It is a bleak time to be a libertarian over here. Who knew keeping the union together back in the 1860's was going to cause so much trouble?

Cheeseburger Brown said...

Holy necropost, Mattman!

Indeed, boy wonder.

Dear Michael McHenry,

What do these yellow ribbons signify? Just curious.