Salty Dog East

This is the story of my brief time at art college -- cavorting, carousing and falling in love. In the big big CheeseburgerBrown timeline it fits in right after Lipgloss Gypsy. Also, this story features some multimedia support by way of my old student film Way of the Jazzman for those of you who like help putting faces to characters. Warning: some chapters contain strong language and adult situations.

Part I: The Island of Ticking Stones
In which CheeseburgerBrown moves to the Maritimes, makes a friend in photography class, and braves a horde of keening forest-goblins.

Part II: The Gottingen Street Wine Company
In which CheeseburgerBrown joins a gang, interferes with a blowjob, becomes a vintner and befriends a jazzman.

Part III: The Rodeo Riders
In which CheeseburgerBrown sells wine, makes a movie, drops out of school and wins a rodeo.

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