Fibberspace Girl

A teenage girl of Middle Eastern descent living in the United States put some of my photographs up in her LiveJournal. She said that some of them had been taken by her, but that most of them had been taken by her boyfriend. She expressed a desire to make her photographs more like his, because she wanted to impress him with her artistic sensibilities. Her boyfriend was older, and lived in another state. He had a house on the beach with his parents, and he liked to lie in a hammock and watch the sunrise while writing love letters to his little Arabian princess.

Of course, the hammock was the one Littlestar lay in at dawn, fighting pregnancy-related nausea while we honeymooned in Mexico. The teenage girl's boyfriend's feet were mine, half-buried in the surf and sand at a small resevoir not far away from this old schoolhouse. My daughter's shadow is in the upper right.

So, I left a comment. I explained why the pictures had stopped appearing (I fixed my .htaccess file to deny media requests from LiveJournal), and suggested that photography was a more satisfying hobby when one took one's own pictures.

I checked today, and the entry had been deleted. The teenage girl had posted a new entry, in which she declared that someone must have "hackered" her LiveJournal account, or else her posts had been "mixed" with someone else's, because things had been appearing in her journal for which she was certain she bore no responsibility.

Creative girl. Pop one story bubble, she floats another.

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