Moving Along

This blog has concluded.

If you like the way I've blogged, follow the blogging over to my fresh blog, which will have somewhat more of a focus on fiction and storytelling, though diary posts won't stop altogether.

Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, memory, et al.

The new blog will really get going with Night Flight Mike, a serial novella told in twenty posts. Stay tuned to http://cheeseburgerbrown.com/blog for the imminent launch.

Thank you for your attention.


Peter N. Glaskowsky said...

Aww, we'll miss you. Here, I mean. See you there. :-)

Reetay Arvaysay said...

To graceful new beginsni

Simon said...

And thank YOU for frittering away with stuff that's worth generally worthy of more than 10 seconds of click and go surfing.

Cheeseburger Brown said...

Thanks, all.

Night Flight Mike starts unfolding tomorrow via the new blog.

If you're into episodic fiction, tune in early.

If you hate episodic fiction, tune in twenty-one business days from now and read the novella in one fell swoop.

Cheeseburger Brown

adam said...

but...but...but what if we dont like fiction of any kind. What if we prefer stories of the travails of the Cheeseburger Clan....what then.

Anastasia said...

Just checked out your new page, and it's ace, and I can't wait. I like the way you've set up everything, so I'm gonna start linking the new one.

Cheeseburger Brown said...


In that case I recommend checking in on my diary on Hulver's Site:


...Which, going forward, will contain only non-fiction.

Cheeseburger Brown

Cheeseburger Brown said...

Dear Adam,

Here you go.

Cheeseburger Brown

Cornelia said...

Bon voyage et au revoir! Somewhere in space, someone's typing "Welcome Home!"

cliffy said...


Nice name "cheeseburger borwn"

its cute.. :)