One of the questions people who have just learned the word weblog often ask is, "Where can individual blogs be found?" The best solution, of course, is to comb the wide and varied blogosphere itself in search of islands of related bloggists, and bridges to other islands. "But where do I start?" the neophyte wants to know. Well, the often-imitated original Eaton Web Portal is still chugging along, along with comparative newcomers like Daypop and MIT's Blogdex. There's also Popdex, Memeufacture, Globe of Blogs and Technorati's lists of the top blogs (in terms of inbound hyperlinks) and keyword bursts sampled across the top of the popular front of the blogosphere, and then there's more specific directories like listings of Islamic blogs, Catholic blogs, fitness blogs, or Toronto-area blogs. Having such a dearth of reading material sure makes one grateful for tabbed browsing, I tell you what.

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