According to this syndicated AP article some children are eschewing cursive writing in favour of typing. Personally, I sympathise with the children -- I have always found cursive writing to be difficult to read and damned neared impossible to write clearly. Beyondwhich, how important as it how these children scratch letters onto paper like a monkey, as long as it is legible? Why are these teachers devoting serious classroom time to bloody anachronistic caligraphy? These hours would be better spent improving the childrens' keyboarding skills, I think; or spelling, or grammar, for that matter. If we're to piss away time labouring over elegant cursive writing, why not just go all the way and reserve every other Thursday for improving our childrens' telegraphing skills? (You never know when they might be called on to dispatch an urgent missive to the front.) While we're at it let's also make mandatory mastery of the ink well, cotton ginny and quarterstaff. I demand that our children show a wider knowledge and fuller respect for the smithy's anvil and the typesetter's iron font. I will shout that all sense of history has been lost if my daughter doesn't come home from school stinking of illuminated manuscripts and the strap. Cursive writing? Get real.

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