Ever the popular destination of draft-dodging pinko philosophers, simpering wet-napkin liberals and other suspected terrorist nogoodniks, Canada is once again opening its gaping maw of a border to any kind of love-stricken anti-war homoqueer with bloodshot eyes and a lust for poutine who wants to take the frosty slut-nation for a libertarian spin around the proverbial bloc. To wit, check Salon's offering entitled Discontented Americans Consider Canada by known freedom-hater David "Against Us" Crary; from the flagrantly terrorist article:

"In school I was always told this is the best country on earth, and everyone else wants to be American, and that never really rang true to me," she said. "As I got older, it occurred to me there were other choices."

(Please note: this post has been rendered with Pro-USA glazing enabled, for your reading safety.)

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