While laptop surfing teleconferencing executives with Blackberries nailed to their keisters might think constantly swimming through a sea of information is stimulating and productive, some recent studies are questioning the benefits of being connected 24/7. "It's instant gratification," says one datajohn in a New York Times article (free registration) called The Lure of Data: Is It Addictive?; "I use it when I'm in a waiting situation ? if I'm standing in line, waiting to be served for lunch, or getting takeout coffee..." But is this lifestyle really helping his productivity? From the article:

According to research compiled by David E. Meyer...multitaskers actually hinder their productivity by trying to accomplish two things at once. Mr. Meyer has found that people who switch back and forth between two tasks, like exchanging e-mail and writing a report, may spend 50 percent more time on those tasks than if they work on them separately.

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